Beautiful Banyan

Banyan trees
Storybook greens
Fairies reside
In your village of leaves

If I were a child
I’d be lost in your places
Playing for hours
In your cracks and spaces

I sink like stones
Pleasure in your groans
Strange beauty of your bones
In this place I am known

Cradled by your arms
Rocked by your shade
Sing me to sleep
In sheets of memories made

There is peace here
Though stillness is rare
Protection from fear
Relief from care

Thank you, Banyan
I’m inspired by your reach
Exposing your roots
Is a graceful way to teach


Awning and Tree

So here’s a sketch I did in drawing class of a weathered awning.


Just a doodle really. And here’s a tree.



Two of my favorite doodles. Just thought I’d share. 😀

I learned how to draw from being bored in school.
I would doodle
on the margins of my paper.
–Kevin Nealon