Went to the beach this morning at around 8 am. Saw a bobcat!!! Beachdunegrassycat! Bobcat Beachthwait. OMG!

I’ve lived in Missouri my entire life except for the last two months and I’ve never seen a bobcat. 44 years old. And I saw one this morning on the path to the beach! Eeeeek! Freaked me out, but it was so cool. We kept our distance. My husband said he thought he saw a coyote the other morning on the way to work. We live in a densely packed neighborhood. WOW! Did not get a picture, he was too far off and I like my face where it is.

I’m a country girl, so it takes a lot to surprise me. But this morning was very cool.

Had a great time at the beach. Bobbed around in the ocean. Did not get mauled by any beach cougars and found a coupla cool shells. Got some sun, exercise and my mojo’s rising.

Have an amazing day! I know I will.

Grilled hamburgers for lunch! 😀 Yay, Saturday!

Trash! (Not the Voss)

FYI: I do NOT buy fancy water. I bought 1 or 2 bottles of Fiji for my daughter (in her entire lifetime) because she likes the bottle. But I don’t like paying for something that is usually free everywhere you go. Bottled water does taste different IMO, but not enough to justify buying a bottle of plastic and adding to the world’s trash problem.

BTW, just as a side note–regarding trash. Yesterday, my family and I were running around town, checking off our weekend to-do list (I usually don’t exit the house on Saturday to avoid people who go anywhere on Saturdays, but we had stuff to do): mailing letters, acquiring new running shoes, cleaning the car that hasn’t been cleaned since vacation! And we dropped off our donate-ables to the Red Racks in downtown Lee’s Summit.

Before we left, we were gathering all of our old clothes for Red Racks (some things don’t fit any more since I lost 100 lbs!) and shoving them into a trash bag. Everything fit inside the bag except an old coat. So my husband zipped the old coat around the trash bag. It looked like a scarecrow. LOL This made it easier to carry everything we had to take. So I started calling the coat-bag Trashcrow. Then as we stepped out our front door, I asked my daughter to grab Trashbuddy. We all laughed. She scooped up Trashbuddy and hugged him all the way to the car. D’aw! Shoulda taken a pic.

Then we stopped at our apartment complex’s trash bin/recycling area and my husband noticed tiny paw prints on the sidewalk. He theorized that raccoons, AKA Trash Pandas, were probably coming across the field and dumpster diving. So, lots of talk about trash animals and people. I just thought it was funny.

But we try to be mindful about trash. <<<—Ah, there’s my point.

Plus, we had to run our errands on Saturday because my husband takes the car during the week for work and we only have one fuel-efficient car. So, we’re trying to do our part. Sort of. This is just planet-ruining, white-suburban, privileged trashguilt-talking. So. Onward. We stopped at TJ Maxx (yes, we’re Maxxinistas) for the shoes.

We had a gift card from Christmas and my daughter needed new shoes. I’ve been shopping several times in the last two days, but I’m seriously NOT a shopper. If you get a gift card, you have to use it. They don’t give you cash any more. Remember the days you could buy some chapstick and get all of the money back?? Yeah. Anyway.

So, I’m standing in line, holding onto the shoes, waiting for the registers to clear and I see some Voss (made in Norway) water.

Now, you should also know, as a side note, that I cannot drink straight-up water any more. MiO I just had weight loss surgery. So, I was really curious if fancy, imported water was actually different and drinkable. It’s been a very frustrating experience not to drink water. Essential life-giver that it is. My stomach just gets crazy wobbly and immediately queasy. 😦

So, at $1.69, with a functional glass bottle to reuse on a daily basis, I thought to give it a try. Plus, $1.69 is not a lot to pay for a glass bottle and water coming all the way from Norway. Right?

Well, guess what??? I can drink fancy Norwegian water with no friggin’ problem. I’ve tried American bottled water, but I still had the same trouble as I did with tap water. I assume it’s something in the water, not the water itself. Unpolluted? Some mineral additive? Water-soaked fish essence from beautiful Norwegian crystal-clear fjords? Idk. But I guzzled it and my stomach was fine!

This makes me happy/sad. Happy that I see now, my stomach is not allergic to water. LOL But sad that American water is somehow bad for my newly-cut stomach? I’m not buying fancy water, but now I know, it’s not me. It’s the tainted water here? My virgin stomach can’t handle treatment chemicals? Makes you think. Makes me think about Flint. Makes me think about our planet. Makes me want to move to Norway and work for Voss. You know, for free water. Possibly.

Stay thirsty, my Friends! For knowledge.

Did any of this make sense??? Hope so.