Wild Kingdom

Anyone remember Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins? Well Mutual of Omaha sponsored our beach day yesterday! Saw all kinds of wildlife.

At 8:06, I was in the parking lot, ready to ride my bike. Rode 1.1 miles to the city beach, took some pix and headed back. Made it home by 8:40. So I went 2.2 miles in approx. 30 mins. I stopped for a short break on a bench. So I have already upped my game! It took me twice as long last time. Woot! So that’s like 4 miles an hour-ish.

Woke everyone up when I got back, then we headed to the beach. Water was clear and deep! The shore was up a few feet and the drop-off was steep. It’s nice because you can stay close to shore, but stand up just a few feet from the waterline. Very relaxing. The temp of the water was cool and the sun shining down was warm!

We toed around for shells. We bobbed around in the very mild waves. It hasn’t been that calm until yesterday. We giggled and relaxed. We goofed and joked around. It was amazing.

Then! We saw a freaking manatee! Sea cow! Whatever you call them. They are adorable!!! Squee!

I haven’t seen any large fish or mammals that close to shore yet. I think because the water was so deep and all the tourists have gone, we are seeing more marine life. It was unbelievable! Every time I don’t take my camera, I see something remarkable.

So, we were just sort of wading and swimming around, just a few feet from shore, and two people who were walking up and down the beach came briskly back to our position.

“There’s a manatee!” the woman shouted.

“Stay where you are, they are very docile! He’ll come right to you.” the man called.

My mouth was hanging open and I could only utter, “No way!”

All I said after that for a few minutes as the manatee passed by was, “Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh.” I wanted to cry.

The water wasn’t clear enough to see the manatee just a few feet from us, but we saw his/her shadow. He wasn’t very big, but he was big. I’ve seen a full-size adult manatee and they’re about the size of a small car. This one was slightly smaller. But still. BIG! He was probably Manatee Jr. I tried to dive and watch him pass, but the water was just a bit too cloudy.

I wanted to jump on his back and hug the stuffings out of him, but I restrained myself. I wasn’t sure if I should get up by him, so I stayed back. It was hard to stay still. He was within 6 feet. EEEE! But I decided NOT to molest this harmless sea creature.

He didn’t breach by us, I wish he had, but he breached for air just a few yards away and we saw his cute, little brown snout and tail. I was stunned.

Then we saw a few rays leaping out of the water. Again, stunning! Then my husband saw a black snake on the way back to the apartment.

For those of you who didn’t read, I saw a bobcat the other morning on the same path. Dangerous little walkway that is! We were on safari yesterday! lol

Lots of little fish in the water as well. Darting around us. Plus, I want to go at night sometime because we have sea turtles on our beach. I wouldn’t touch them, disturb them or bother them, but I would love to see them.

This is a very cool place. Hope we see another manatee sometime soon. They are so majestic, magnificent, marvelous! But does that mean a shark could come that close to shore? YIKES!!

If you just relax and let the world come to you, you will see amazing things.

Trike-in’ Like a Boss!

My husband got my trike going yesterday afternoon. It was about to storm or I would have video’d my parking lot ride. I will GoPro myself soon on the trail!

This is exactly like my trike. You can find other bikes here: Worksman Cycles High quality bikes!

He aired up the completely-flat tires and greased the chain. He also lowered the seat for me. What an awesome Guy! Thanks, Guy!

I flew around the parking lot and tested ‘er out. I was haulin’! I have so much energy now.

When I first got my trike, I was nervous and tentative. Just riding a few hundred yards made me feel like I was having a heart attack. With congestive heart failure and at 456 lbs, it was hard to get going. Now, after losing over 131 lbs since I got ‘er, I can book it on that thing.

I haven’t been able to ride because of one thing or another for years. Riding in Missouri was usually hilly and hard. Here, everything’s flat! Which I love. I can really get going and there are bike lanes and trails everywhere! I’m in biker heaven. I can bike to the beach, bitch! LOL Sorry.

Also, my knee was jacked up. I couldn’t pedal very well due to early-onset arthritis. I had to have the seat way up, like crazy high. Now that he lowered it and my knee doesn’t seize up when I pedal (LOL), I can ride fast. Zoom-zoom!

My knee was like the Tin Man without an oil can. But now? I can bike, walk, stand, go to the beach, maybe even run? Eventually. Let’s not get crazy. Just so thankful I can ride my bike. It’s incredible to have my life back! And my trike. 🙂

Other reasons to rejoice and be thankful:
Total pounds lost since August 2012=188+lbs. 😀
Increased heart function and energy
Several interviews coming up this week for really awesome jobs
Overall better health and well-being
Last time I weighed=325.8!

Thank you, God! This life feels amazing. We are so blessed.