Adorably Creepy

This is my daughter’s art work. Sharing here because this is one of my favorites. I’m your biggest fan, Pencil Princess! That’s her logo in the featured pic. Click on the link below to see the full design! Thanks for checking her out.

A spirit in the shadows, or just a trick of the light? I’ll leave that up to you. 😉

via Creepy Illustration: “Trick of the Light” — Pencil Princess

Lois the Lion

i made this helmet princess several years ago after my friend died. it’s the dark eyes that remind me of her, i added those.

i didn’t draw the helmet, but i did everything else. i found it and manipulated it in photoshop. it was a royalty-free image, like a drawing from an old book.

and i wrote this poem. i revised and published here because it makes me happy to think of her.

i didn’t know you as well as i could, but i knew u were:
funny as hell
wispy like a princess
and the-heart-of-a-lion mother

life is a stain, full of blood and pain
an un-removable mark

indelible, undeniable, irreversible
irrevocably absolute

life is crazy and messy and amazing
impossible to erase

ur mark can never,
will never, fade
ur remarkable and beautiful
uniquely made

ur body is broken
ur life is undone
but ur spirit is alive
you have overcome

ur daughter is here
ur love is around
ur there in her eyes
angel come down

ur the lucky one
now u will rest
u endured the worst,
enjoy the best


Broken, unspoken

Battered and shattered

Beat up—written off

Abused, confused

I wander this world

Rebuked and refused

Men make advances

Fathers take advantage

The world crushes the weak

On the wheels of progress.

Women take control

Mother, don’t lose hope

The world can’t exist without us.


I thought I was a hard-ass bitch.
But I was really just a big, soft, white marshmallow
Melting into a pile of cream at the first signs of fire.

A hard-ass bitch is cold.
Stone and steel.

No crying when the war is won.
No crying when the day is done.
She cleans her knife and sharpens the blade for the next bloody morning.

So, no.
I’m not a hard-ass bitch.
I’m just a cranky piece of fluff–
All bark and no bite.

I mean, I’m mean.
I spit.
I kick.
I scream.
I duck and stick.
I fight dirty and I punch you in the gut, ribs, kidneys, moneymaker, babymaker, heart.

Am I wrong?

A hard-ass bitch cleans up the mess, scorched-earth insurance policy.
She doesn’t look back, she doesn’t change a thing.
The difference between me and a hard-ass bitch?

I exist.
I resist.
I persist.
Or I grab and twist. (LOL)