I made this neck-a-less last nite. Another one! Crafty B is in da house!

necklace 3.jpg

It’s twine for cord, big ol’ Wilma Flintstone polka dot beads, a salvaged key chain dangle, and a beautiful snaggle-wad of turquoise. All things I found or bargin-binned. Boho, baby!

Would you wear this? Is it too weird? It hangs super low which I love, but I also made the cord slide-able so you can adjust the size. I love shabby chic/different-looking jewelry. I love it when I get compliments from people.

Stranger: Love your neck-a-less!

Me: I made it!

Stranger: *looks at me like a necklace-making bohemian goddess* You made it??! No way. Cool! Let’s be friends.

LOL I live for those conversations. I would make jewelry for a living, but my husband might kill me. Strangle me with one of my homemade necklaces. Because of the craft space required for such an endeavor. Plus, doesn’t everyone make jewelry now? Pinterest-loving housewives across the country making enough jewelry to choke a bedazzled pony.

Can’t wait to wear my new belly bouncer!

Crafty Beaver in Me

I’m doing more with my craft items as I have time. My husband is often annoyed at how much craft crap I have (hoarded/stashed). So I am forcing myself to do what I say I love. Why is that so hard?

I love this new necklace I made.

necklace2.jpgSomeone gave me the green flower glass pendant. It’s some type of pressed flower, or it might even be plastic, encased in clear resin. I think. It’s really cool whatever it is. The chain it came with didn’t last. Or I didn’t like it. Can’t remember now. I probably broke it. LOL

I just recently bought some twine (my favorite cord to use for boho necklaces) and I had some leftover beads from bargin-bin shopping of yesteryear. I had the beads on a different necklace, but my daughter was wearing said necklace and it came apart. (I think because she was fiddling with it. LOL Oh well! Just an excuse to make a new necklace, right?!)

Whatchu think?

That saucer to the right of the necklace is my antique china saucer that I love. I have the cup somewhere, but I haven’t unpacked it yet. 🙂 Just thought the green and pink were lovely shades to match my new necklace.

Sunglasses and Swag

The post office has decided to finally deliver mail from December 2016. So, I found a gift card in a Christmas greeting from a dear, dear lady. Thank you so much, Secret Santa!

Very secret Santa because I didn’t know about it until a few days ago! lol

Grateful nonetheless.

So here’s what I got for myself.

Sunglasses with bling and two necklaces for my daughter and me to share! I feel lucky, blessed and very thankful. Christmas in April! Yay.

I don’t treat myself often, so this was a nice surprise. Plus, I needed a new pair of glasses. I have sun-sensitive eyes as I get older and I keep losing, crushing (sitting on) and dropping my Dollar Store aviators. I’ve broken and lost a couple.

But I’m still mad at the post office. :/ lol I mean, we were missing checks, urgent mail and important correspondence! Dang! What’s the deal, yo??