So. You Love Jesus? Prove it.

do not talk to me
about seeming injustice
show me mercy. please


Bleeding on a cross.
He never did a thing wrong.
And justice for All.

Sacrifice of blood.
Offered to the Undeserved.
From man’s only chance.

Do you want to die?
Find the only way to live.
Die to yourself now.

Last shall be first, huh?
I don’t accept the logic.
Why am I waiting?

Meek shall inherit.
Watch that wild horse be tamed.
Modern miracle.

Lies, Criminality, and Foreign Interests

Or, the opposite. Honesty, Fairness, and the American Ideal-sound familiar?

How about-truth, justice, and the American way?

So cliche, right? But it’s not just a catchy phrase. Who said it first? Super-friggin’-man. That’s right. SUPERMAN. He was fighting for it. But he never got it. Except for a short, gleaming moment at (maybe) the beginning and definitely by the end of every episode or comic book. But an oh-so brief respite in the ever-undulating pit of human depravity we call Earth. I’m surprised Superman didn’t just give up and head to outerspace for a less needy planet. But he had pity on us. Like a regular Jesus Christ.

Have you ever noticed the parallels between Superman and Jesus? The only son of a God-like being, who sacrificed himself for all of humanity to save the weak and powerless? I’m pretty sure that’s why Godspell Jesus (Victor Garber) wore a Superman t-shirt. Right? I’m sure someone has already penetrated the deep meaning of the Superman-Jesus connection. Anyway, I’m a Christian, but that’s not what this post is about.

It’s the ideal, Christian or not, that America is a place for honesty, fairness and freedom (American way). That’s what it means to me anyway. An ideal of modern human existence. Where anyone can be anything that they want to be. Reach for the stars! Be anything they were born to be. A right to fulfill their personal destiny and choice. Let’s face it, even God gave us choice. God-given right to choose.

But what I see, more and more, is the refusal to see or acknowledge another’s choice. Or right. Misguided as it may be. On both sides! So what if you don’t agree? You don’t have to live that choice. Right? What does it hurt you to love someone where they are? So much hatred and anger on both sides. Toward each other. You should be upset with those in office. Not your fellow citizen.

Trump said he would drain the swamp. When? Waiting. Appointing a billionaire (Amway) to Secretary of Education is not a great start. Did you know her father-in-law was the co-founder of Amway?? USA’s education system is now a pyramid scheme: co-founders Trump and DeVos. IMO! And why can’t we investigate his ties to Russia? They wanted to fry Hillary Clinton for emails, something they are guilty of themselves. Ahem, Pence. So why the unending hypocrisy??

I listened to Trumpy’s speech last night. Reasonable. I agree, he finally did not sound stupid. But I remember G.W. Bush’s state-of-the-union in which he addressed pursuing renewable energy. Way back in the 2000s. We didn’t see that, did we? He talked about fuel cell technology and running after it. When the Republicans take office, it seems we see decades-long obstruction to forward progress with renewable energy, conservation and planet protection. They talk a good game, but it’s just that, a game. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, why wouldn’t you move toward planet-friendly energy that’s cheaper and cleaner? We are seeing a move toward this, but it’s taken 16 years? And not through Bush, not through Trump, but through Obama and Earth-friendly legislation. Taxes and laws that promote industry to accept the challenge of treating our world with care and thought. REGULATION!

Fuel with only a by-product of pure water? Which would you rather drink? Water or used oil? Which would you rather breathe? Air or carbon dioxide? I think it’s a simple decision.

After Trump’s speech, I can only conclude one thing. He’s accepted the game and is playing like a pro. Except, the game is rigged and we all lose. He’s going to fumble this ball and then Congress will cry foul. The two teams playing in DC are the Donkeys and Elephants. They are trying to kill each other out there. But we don’t have to. Let’s stop playing this game. They work for us. They have us distracted with partisan policy. The Democrats are no better on many issues. Let’s demand more from our public servants.

I’m tired of having a wait-and-see attitude. It doesn’t get better. We have to do something. And if you are tired of seeing my political posts (Facebook), I’m sorry that it makes you uncomfortable. But, we don’t change until we are uncomfortable. People will die without medical care. We have to have more than access to care, we need a way to pay for it. I hope that Trump means even half of what he said last night, but I fear it’s all smoke on which we will choke.

No Superman is coming to save the day. We have to save ourselves and our way of life.

FYI-if the muscular man waving a flag in a skintight outfit (above) doesn’t disturb you because it’s Superman and the American flag, but a gay man waving a rainbow flag in the same skintight outfit does? You might be a bigot, homophobe or downright un-American. Get it, Superman!