I’ll Be Damned

Babylon is bliss.
Ignorant kiss.
To be kicked out of heaven
On such a night as this.

If this is hell,
No one could tell.
Bottomless pit
From this rising well?

I will fall forever.
Patience is clever.
But don’t underestimate
My desire to endeavor.

So Fracking Philosophical at 8 AM EST–Sorry

Christian or not, until we submit to the Power that created us, Universe or God (as long as we struggle against the nature of things?) we will only know strife and pain. If we submit to the higher power of God/Nature, we will become one with the everlasting.

Experience true peace and happiness.

To try and control that which we do not understand will bring inconsolable sadness and eternal, unquenchable desire.

It is futile to rail against the inevitable in pursuit of the inconsequential.

To misinterpret is human. To understand is divine.

We must embrace the overwhelming power of Creator and become Creature. It’s the difference between Heaven and Hell. And the difference between Languidness and Transcendence.