Spice of Life

Cinnamon in my hair
Whiskey on the air
And hickory smoke.

Fire, friends and fall.

Rag Wreath

So I posted a pic a coupla weeks ago of my rag wreath. But here’s the wreath with accents!

wreath.jpgWe finally made some flowers for it! I love it. My daughter did the transparent white dahlia. I think she nailed it. Beautiful! Then I hung a pretty butterfly pendant necklace in the middle.

We used things we already had to embellish. A hair bow, old silk flower, brown paper dahlia that I made, some mismatch buttons/beads and some fabric I gathered into a flower. Done!

Love! Very fall-like to me. 🙂 Very shabby chic.

Rag Wreath

My inner Crafty Beaver is coming out! I made this cute rag wreath for fall. I think it looks like dry fall leaves. It is a four-wire wreath with strips of cotton tied to the wire. The wire wreath cost $3.49 and I had the material laying around. About 3 yards or so. I ripped the dark red rags in 1-2 inch strips. Cotton rips on the grain, so you don’t have to cut. Always rips a straight line and leaves a nice frayed edge.

The brown accent color I had to cut. But it has stitching in the material, so I could use that as a guide to cut it straight. It’s a faux suede leather material that is shiny on one side and soft, short-nap velour texture on the other. It gives great contrast and texture from shiny to suede-y.

So, you just cut or rip your strips and then tie them on the four-wire.

green metal boxed wire wreath form
This is what a four-wire looks like. Without strips of rags tied to it!

One or two simple knots for each strip of fabric. It’s very full. You only need about 6-10 strips for each wire on each section. Depends on how thick your fabric is.

I would like to add some fabric flowers made from material or just a great big fake flower to accent. I think a nice off-white peony or something would go well. Or what’s your idea for my wreath??

I think this would look cool with grays, whites and blacks, too. With a yellow accent flower or something. What do you think?

I made this in just a coupla of hours. Took less than a day. Think I could sell these? 😀 Less than $10 to make. I love it!!

Thanks for checking it out.


Sweep across the swaying stalks
Windmill turns like a carousel horse
Thousands of black birds stream through the sky
On a cyclical solstice southern course

I’m waiting patiently for the very next second
As fairy-like wisps rise over my path
These balloons leave a smile on my teeth
I can taste sweet-smoky drops and drafts

Harbingers of potent memories
Bringers of light, luck, life and love
You’ll never pass this way again
But I remember your return from above