I get to go on a fancy date with my husband for his new job’s Christmas party. We don’t have much money for entertainment or dining out, so to have a night on the town for free? Priceless!

Dinner, dancing and valet parking downtown. FANCY! lol We could never afford this on our own. And what better way to socialize and get to know the people he works with.

So I recently found the dress I wanted to wear. It’s an old dress, but I never got to wear it. Just after I bought it, I found out I was pregnant. It was tight to begin with, so when I started immediately gaining weight with my pregnancy, I knew I would never squeeze into it. Who wants to wear tight while preggers??!

I always wanted to lose the weight after I gave birth, but my weight just spiraled out of control for an entire decade. Depression, heart trouble, thyroid cancer, gallbladder failure and all sorts of problems just packed on the pounds.

Well. I am finally into that dress and it’s loose! 😀 So I’m wearing it. Out of fashion or not. My husband doesn’t seem to care if it’s fashionable or not. He likes me in it, so I’m wearing it.

It’s! Loose! OMG! I never thought this day would come. We are going to have a blast.

So, I needed some shoes to go with my outfit. I don’t wear fancy shoes and I haven’t bought a pair of heels for over a decade. I knew I had to find some, so I went to the local discount shoe store.

I found some sandals for not too much. No heels that didn’t scream old lady chunky town. So, when in Florida, why not sandals. Plus, I don’t want to tower over my husband in some uncomfortable skyscrapers.

I found a pair of cute boots, but they didn’t quite fit. BUT! My calf fit and my foot fit. My ankle resisted. BUT! I can buy lady footwear again. I fit into a pair of 12’s. I haven’t worn Ladies 12’s in a looong minute.

I found some necklace elements at the local craft store for cheap (1/2 price) and sewed them on my new sandals. Not quite finished, but nearly there. What do you think?


My husband called it shoewelry. LOL Love it. Total cost=$30

I will post pics of my outfit soon! Looking forward to a great night out. I love sandals (makes me feel barefoot) and I love dancing! Do they look cheap or store-bought? Do they look like a bad school project or expensive shoewelry? lol

Merry Xmas!