Would you be?

Would you be my awning?
Protect me from the rain.
Shelter me from the storm.
Swallow me in your shade.

Would you be my dawning?
Protect me from myself.
Shelter me from the darkness.
Take me down from this high shelf.

I don’t want to jump.
But I want someone to care.
If I take this lovely leap?
Be my awning hanging there.

Don’t see awnings any more.
They’re disappearing into air.
You’re a delightful oddity,
So special and very rare.

I’ll jump.
You’ll stretch.
I’ll bounce.
You’ll catch.

Well-worn. Rain-stained.
Tough enough to hold.
Let the rain roll off your back
Because underneath you’re gold.

You’re my luxurious safety net that never lets me down.

Awning and Tree

So here’s a sketch I did in drawing class of a weathered awning.


Just a doodle really. And here’s a tree.



Two of my favorite doodles. Just thought I’d share. 😀

I learned how to draw from being bored in school.
I would doodle
on the margins of my paper.
–Kevin Nealon