Trike-in’ Like a Boss!

My husband got my trike going yesterday afternoon. It was about to storm or I would have video’d my parking lot ride. I will GoPro myself soon on the trail!

This is exactly like my trike. You can find other bikes here: Worksman Cycles High quality bikes!

He aired up the completely-flat tires and greased the chain. He also lowered the seat for me. What an awesome Guy! Thanks, Guy!

I flew around the parking lot and tested ‘er out. I was haulin’! I have so much energy now.

When I first got my trike, I was nervous and tentative. Just riding a few hundred yards made me feel like I was having a heart attack. With congestive heart failure and at 456 lbs, it was hard to get going. Now, after losing over 131 lbs since I got ‘er, I can book it on that thing.

I haven’t been able to ride because of one thing or another for years. Riding in Missouri was usually hilly and hard. Here, everything’s flat! Which I love. I can really get going and there are bike lanes and trails everywhere! I’m in biker heaven. I can bike to the beach, bitch! LOL Sorry.

Also, my knee was jacked up. I couldn’t pedal very well due to early-onset arthritis. I had to have the seat way up, like crazy high. Now that he lowered it and my knee doesn’t seize up when I pedal (LOL), I can ride fast. Zoom-zoom!

My knee was like the Tin Man without an oil can. But now? I can bike, walk, stand, go to the beach, maybe even run? Eventually. Let’s not get crazy. Just so thankful I can ride my bike. It’s incredible to have my life back! And my trike. 🙂

Other reasons to rejoice and be thankful:
Total pounds lost since August 2012=188+lbs. 😀
Increased heart function and energy
Several interviews coming up this week for really awesome jobs
Overall better health and well-being
Last time I weighed=325.8!

Thank you, God! This life feels amazing. We are so blessed.