Design Portfolio


This is a billboard design. I created the logo and concept for this simulated downtown KC restaurant. OPENgarden is a green (organic, sustainable) food producer that offers locally-grown/sourced food and a unique dining experience. Food grown feet from your table and a restaurant that is unforgettable.


This is a full-page magazine ad for the same restaurant. If I was going to start a restaurant, this is what I would like to see.

book cover

This is an actual book cover I designed for the author. Available on Amazon.


This is a logo that I created for a local design group. The president wanted something simple incorporating the symbol for infinity. I used text-on-a-shape to handle the company name.


This is a scanned image of a print that I made from a linocut. We carved images into squares of linoleum for a 3-color printmaking project. I digitally scanned the print and I have used it multiple times for different projects as seen below.

cabaret postcard front

This is a postcard for a simulated theatre performance using the linocut image and my photography (windmill).


This is a poster for the same theatre performance using the linocut image.

postcard for wtc-1.jpg

This is a postcard for a simulated event. I created the hands with Illustrator.


Here’s the back of the postcard using the same hand image on the edge. I recreated the actual WTC logo for my project.

small e-cross.jpg

This is an example of my photography. I have a Nikon DSLR camera to take my own images for use in my graphic design work. I have excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop.


This is an animated gif ad that I created for Rockhurst University. They were advertising their upcoming playwright festival. I designed this in Photoshop for their online ad space with KC Stage. I volunteered for KC Stage for one year as a layout artist for the print magazine. I used InDesign extensively while working for the publication. I also designed many animated gifs for online ad use.

For design work or local photography (KC Metro), call (816) 944-8987 or email Thanks!