Ford Ahead

I just want to write briefly about the hearing yesterday.

CB Ford gave her testimony yesterday. She was terrified. I would be, too. Not to speak in front of people. She does that every day as a professor. To speak about trauma. To speak about PTSD, anxiety, the assault and to be humiliated all over again by having to relive the attack. With her alleged attacker nearby.


And the nation was listening.

I cried and trembled yesterday. Not much. Not crazy sobs of compassion, just small little tremors. Mostly moved at her quiet bravery. Strength. Composure.

I heard her tiny voice. Stuck at age 15. It’s not unusual to be stuck vocally at an immature age for victims of sexual violence. Meek. Restrained. Congenial. Apologetic. Deferential.

You don’t have to apologize, Christine. Or be concerned about anyone else’s comfort. You’ve worried about that for far too long! Thank you. Many women will benefit from your authenticity. Thank you for showing us class, candor, courage. Transparency. Something we want from our SCOTUS nominees.

We believe you. And your tiny voice will topple the tallest towers.

You, at least, deserve what any victim does–an investigation.

13 thoughts on “Ford Ahead

  1. While watching Dr. Ford provide her testimony was hard, because it triggered my own memories of sexual assault, I just HAD to see it. Seeing this woman put everything on the line, even the well-being of her own family to keep Kreepy Kavanaugh from assuming the power as a Supreme Court Judge. While have a gut wrenching feeling he’ll still become a judge, I admired her bravery as well as the many men and women voicing their stories. I was too young to remember the case with Dr. Anita Hill, but I know with this case its something I’ll NEVER forget.

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    1. ikr! i agree. i have a small hope that by just asking for the FBI investigation, we might see some facts emerge. that should have been the first thing that happened. but it didn’t. the fact that the woman in the elevator made someone uncomfortable enough to demand an investigation is what we should all be doing. making good men or women just a little uncomfortable enough to stand up for what is right. that gave me hope as well. it’s ok to be uncomfortable for one more week, CB Ford has been uncomfortable for a lifetime. she is owed an investigation. i, too, am nervous that he will be appointed anyway, but standing up by Ford and the woman in the elevator, those two things are encouraging enough to give me hope for the women who come after us. i’m sorry that u went thru something like sex assault. that’s horrible. hopefully we can raise our voices together to protect our daughters and friends! 🙂 thank u for sharing with me ur thoughts and hopes! and thanks for reading!!!

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  2. I know I am b jumping into hot water. But there are a few things that bother me about this accusation. First I am suspicious because the party that said they cared about Ms Ford could of avoided all this drama by doing their due diligence and had the FBI report done before the hearing. Secondly, the facts there are no facts. Not even a high school friend to say, oh yes I remember that party. We went together or anything. It’s like she is describing a ghost party. And finally if Kavanaugh was so bad. After six previous FBI investigations there is no hint of him doing anything wrong in this manner. After no evidence and his six FBI investigations have you considered that she could be mistaken?

    I heard this testimony of this lady who was sexual assaulted, she said she studied the man’s face so if she ever got a chance to put him aware she would. And she did. He we talked to prison. However. Years later DNA became available, he was tested and it was not the guy she accused. It happen. God Bless. I pray for you all that have been assaulted, but we have to rely on evidence before we can convict.

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    1. well, one point, quickly. we are not talking about conviction. we are talking about multiple stories about behavior patterns concerning the approval to the highest non-partisan court in the land. shouldn’t we at least investigate? there’s an accusation. several. shouldn’t we investigate? because many, many, many victims don’t come forward for years, or ever. this isn’t a matter of prison time, it’s whether or not we want this beer-loving alleged attempted rapist on the supreme court. i’m rational, i just don’t tolerate blindly approving him because no one looked too closely. reasonable? thanks for ur thoughts. i’m glad the senators saw reason in a limited investigation. they should have done that to begin with. both parties are a disgrace at times. but the repubs are trying to railroad this. gorsuch didn’t have such a rough time, did he? that should prick ur ears back a little. right?

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      1. We are in the ballpark of agreement. The Republicans are trying to do the process as it was designed and had been done for decades. So you belief they are trying to rush it is the same the Democrats are trying to stall. They are hoping they can stall it past the midterm elections and they hope they gain control of the Congress and then appointment there own. This is why this adds suspicion to the intent of Ms Ford and the dems. Let’s pray the right outcome is delivered and politics gets as much removed from the process as possible. FYI. If the Republicans were not empathetic and wanted to push this through, it would of already been done, they have tried to do all they can to address this. The Republicans get called out when it was the dems fault, that’s not fair, but oh well. God Blesz

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      2. uhhh. ok. i disagree, but yes, we are in the same ballpark. 🙂 god bless…well. ok, just this–both parties are guilty of political brinksmanship. merrick garland? if the repubs wanted dems to wait on merrick becuz the will of the people, then repubs should pump their brakes and wait for the midterms. it took a small shrill woman in an elevator to get Flake to flake on the repubs and demand an FBI look-see. thank you, Shrill woman. you saved this process IMO. the repubs want Judge Kavanaugh seated to start ruling on important issues to THEM. it goes both ways. it really does. they are all pigs rolling around in the mud. truly, God Bless to you! God shall rule over all and he is in control. Thank God!!!

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      3. I see the point of the elevator lady, but please you’ve got to agree the evidence is shaky at best. So to most attorneys and law makers they know this is a stall because there is no evidence to work off of. We need to focus on the process and not let us be pawns in “their” political game. Would you agree if the dems thought this was credible they would have done what was right from the beginning. They most likely did not proceed because of the weakness of the claim. I am upset more with how they rebuked the process to put all the blame on the Republicans and Kavanaugh. Anyway. Probably repeating myself. Just have a phone currently to do this stuff and I am not a master texter. Have a Blessed Sunday.

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      4. i will agree that the evidence is not complete. i would not say shaky. have u ever been traumatized? think back 35 years. something that shook ur foundation. something u remain afraid of. something that caused you to have PTSD? you don’t have something like that? (congrats!) if u do? how old were you? where were u? details. all of them. don’t leave anything out. didn’t think u’d have to tell anyone or recount play-by-play? neither did she. she told everyone she tried to ignore it, put it out of her mind, forget it, nothing happened. grace, my friend. grace. and yes, even Kavanaugh deserves grace if he did this, but he doesn’t deserve to be put on the highest court. he needs to be without reproach and CB Ford deserves at least an investigation now that this has all come to the light. the light will wash out every dark deed. even after 35 years. no, not shaky. incomplete. let’s give her the same benefit of the doubt that everyone wants to run to heap on Kavanaugh. and let’s hear what the other ladies have to say as well. let’s hear what everyone has to say. that is America. that is the Supreme Court’s purpose, to have a say. one more week won’t kill anyone. and if he’s innocent, as an officer of the court, he should want to be cleared and investigated. he should have faith in the same govt. in which he wants to participate. sorry ur phone typing, that is terrible! i’m too old for small keyboards and too impassioned for short replies! 🙂 but ur holding ur own! er…phone. lol

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      5. i am disgusted by the way the dems handled the letter, but she did ask for confidentiality. i feel she should have come forward publicly much sooner, but women seem to be rebuked no matter what they do or when they bring forward accusations.

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      6. i heard something the other day, if you were crying and talking about how much you liked beer in a job interview…would you get the job? lol he’s not behaving judicially. he should reign it in. IMO

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  3. We should be mad at her and the dems. I am so much for woman who have been victimized and even more for those who cannot prove it or cannot/will not come forward. But as evidence is coming out you’ve got to admit het story is sounding even more fishy. Other than nooooobody coming forward to even sustain there was a parry, her flying and door explanation are in question, now witness tampering. And here’s boyfriend saying she helped her best friend pass a lie detector test, and a research paper found where she can impart false memory.

    Can I ask you a question, I don’t understand her life drama with what she describes. I’ve heard of henious sex assaults, but nothing happened from her description. She describes it as though it was 10x worse. I am not trying to downplay her said experience, I’ve just never heard the same level of hurt she described with the minimum amount of assault.


    1. Matthew 10:13-14 NRSV
      “13 If the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. 14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.”

      Believe what you want. I have people to love, things to do. I don’t have time to convince you. Because that is not possible.

      I’m shaking the dust. Peace be with you.

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