What does it mean?

I have a recurring dream from time to time. I always thought these type of dreams were mythical. A story device or figurative theme. I didn’t know anyone who had recurring dreams, except for the old “I’m naked in a department store or at high school” dream.

It’s not the same dream exactly, but very similar.

I dream about houses. Dreamt about houses last night. Houses I’ve never lived in, but somehow they are my house. Or my mother’s house. Or my grandmother’s house. They are always large. Full of forgotten rooms that don’t get used. Always in need of work, valuable, but nobody wants them. So how valuable can they be?

The house is always in a place that I miss. Rolling hills in the country with winter-dead grass and usually on a hill. Stately. Ancient. Sopping wet from rain on the outside. Inside–some rooms are warm/cozy; some rooms hold ghosts. Some rooms are sliding off into oblivion and I have an insane need to save them. Physical pull to push them back from destruction.

What does it mean? Not sure. Not sure why I have the dream, what precedes it. Or what it might portend.

I reckon it’s a longing. That I miss my family. That I mourn our collective loss. That I can’t go home again. That I never had one, really. That I want to rebuild our foundation, but it’s crumbling with time.

I miss Mom, KC, rolling hills and soggy leaves. But I never really lived there. I survived.

4 thoughts on “What does it mean?

  1. I always thought that dreams were our subconscious’ way of telling us things we cannot figure out in the real world. This article is so interesting to me; whatever your recurring dream means, I know that you will find comfort in knowing that you’re having it for a reason. Keep dreaming! 🙂

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  2. ❤ thank u! xoxo i def think it's about family somehow. i agree, it's our brains trying to work out the things that don't make sense. my friend's mom just died, so that might have something to do with it. i've also heard that it's our brain summing up the day of the parts that didn't make a memory and purging! lol

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  3. I’ve interpreted probably 400 dreams and find it a joy to help others figure them out. I studied under Doug Addison who does biblical interpretation since we are all spiritual beings. The fact that you are in houses represents your life and the many facets of it. If the rooms are bare it just means you need to fill them with experiences of joy. Every negative in a dream needs to be flipped into a positive way to apply to our waking hours. This is a soul dream bc it is about you and family. It is about drying up the dampness and letting sunshine in. It also speaks to the multiple ways in which you connect to all of your family members as represented in the many rooms. Whenever there is a dark message in our dream life it is meant to point us toward the hope about to be redeemed. Remember to flip it and flip it good and then speak it into your atmosphere when you wake. Agree with the opposite good thing and speak to your spirit before bed to align up with strategy and redemption of dreams that have caused confusion. Once you realize that night dreams point toward waking steps during the day, you will look forward to visiting places of your heart as you sleep. I’m praying for you!

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