From the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

from Thanksgiving 2013:

it would be very tempting to go buy a TV on black friday. there is a 50″ flat screen on Target for the holiday sales for only $229. walmart has one for $178-40″. this is cheaper than even their 32″, usually over $200. we don’t have a flat screen, we’ve got an old school tube tv and it is crazy heavy. but it’s 32″, in good condition and perfectly good enough.
i won’t support the holiday shopping that has become insane. i won’t support people being away from their families on thanksgiving. i won’t support the ever-increasing need to have more and more shit. i won’t support buying gifts for myself when others are in need. i won’t buy gifts for other people who don’t need anything. i have the money to buy a TV finally, at a good price, but i won’t expose my child to the ridiculous crowds assembled to fight each other for things. i won’t stand in line for hours upon hours to save a few dollars. i won’t buy into the hype.
what i will do is…stock a local food pantry that we had to use this year. be thankful for God’s providence. be thankful i’m not in jail becuz i just filed bankruptcy and in this beautiful country, just becuz i owe money i can’t pay, the gov’t. will allow me to have my debt forgiven even if we have had hard times, been sick or just plain reckless. i will be thankful that even tho i don’t have alot of money i have been able to stay at home with my child and be here for her. i don’t have to give up my child becuz i made a mistake. i can eat a thanksgiving meal with my family w/o sitting in jail for owing money.
i am not going to take for granted every single blessing i have including a TV that works. thankful that i don’t have to stand for hours in the cold to buy a TV i don’t need. thankful that i can spend the holiday with my family, enjoying each other’s company instead of fighting strangers over things and money. i wish more people would not shop on thanksgiving. you are supporting an entire industry that is only focused on getting more and more of your dollars.
i’m going to save my money this year becuz i might lose my house. i’m going to save my money for the move we might have to make. i’m going to do the responsible thing for once and live like Dave Ramsey says. i’m going to live with eternity in mind, not focus on what i can shove in my face, cram in my eyes and muddle up in my mind. i’m not going to focus on material possessions this year. i’m going to focus on God’s ever-present benevolence and grace on my poor, undeserving soul.

who woulda thought i would be in florida in 4 years time?? with a flat screen. 😀 still saving and pinching those pennies.

4 thoughts on “From the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

  1. As someone who works in retail, I thank you for choosing not to shop on Thanksgiving.

    I feel like if McDonald’s can close it’s doors for the day, even for a few hours then retails should as well. Or you know keep paid time in a half.

    My particular store no longer does it. We make the same as any other day, but they give us an extra 15% off the following weekend. To me that extra off means nothing from missing time with my family. Granted it’s usually just the three of us, but still.

    I was in a particularly sour mood to begin with as my store’s ad had very misleading print causing us not to get what we wanted [online…]. But when I have people in my line say “I am so sorry you have to work.” It really takes all of me not to fire back with “so why are you here then?”

    I mentioned to a coworker earlier, it’s BLACK Friday. And if I remember correctly today, well yesterday was Thanksgiving. Which falls on a Thursday.

    I will say people weren’t lining up for hours this time so maybe in another year or two all stores will go back to actual black friday sales.

    As for the buying TVs you don’t need. We too were faced with a “but it’s a 55 inch for $300” moment. But we didn’t really need a fourth TV, and it would have completely thrown off our budget.

    We also live by Dave Ramsey and as someone whose parents never really demonstrated money saving, it was a huge adjustment but I don’t want to go back to how I was before.

    Tonight, I saw one lady ring over a little over $1k and just happily slide her card. Now she may have saved up and will pay it off tomorrow. Or like most she will still be paying it off at tax time.

    Now like I said we have a budget and mostly stick to it. We may go over a bit just random things right before Christmas. Or you know when I’m scavenging the leftover “black friday” deals and see towels marked down. It’s not necessarily a need, ok well in this instance it probably was as our towels are becoming death traps with their constant ripped seams. And I figure I can not eat out one day in exchange.

    Sorry I starred rambling but overall you were so right with this.

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    1. Not at all! I love hearing from your POV! I don’t know where people get the money! it’s crazy. I stayed home yesterday. all day. never went outside. lol same today! 😀 it was so sleepy and rainy here. couldn’t even go to the beach. oh well! caught up on my sleep at least. florida is a conceal and carry state. i don’t want none of that! lol thanks for sharing ur perspective.

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      1. You’re so welcome. I have no idea where they get it either, but I suspect most just charge without a second glance. We live by the if we don’t have cash we don’t buy it. Even if we do buy online, we set that money aside and pay it off immediately. I’ve also learned starting early, especially things you can buy year round is a HUGE lifesaver.

        And yuck yes rain makes everything very lazy it’s been bitterly cold but seems to have warmer temperatures this week… the back and forth is keeping us in a constant cough/cold.

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      2. hope u feel better! we buy with cash too. i used to spend like crazy on credit. scary!! no more. i’m like u! pay it off soon or don’t buy it. it’s hard but worth it.


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