I love shells.

I watch Portlandia and on that series, one of the first sketches, Fred Armisen is playing a character named Spike. He’s a hipster who wants to be first in everything and no one is allowed to follow. There’s another guy, in a bar, metro millennial who wants to appropriate Spike’s behavior and lifestyle.

Whenever the yuppie starts mimicking Spike, Spike realizes what he’s doing and immediately declares the activity “OVER!”

Then, in one instance, Spike is producing some tasty shell art. Very intricate. Then mod guy copies and Spike throws his art off-camera (more than likely a cat shrieks with trash cans clanging) and he screams, “Shell Art is OVER!” LOL I love that. And I love shell art. I can’t help it.

I know it’s such a cliche, but shells are so cool. I pick up at least a handful of unique, even broken, shells every time we head to the beach. I will post some pics of some of the cooler ones soon.

I washed and dried a bunch the other day. Then I made this holiday centerpiece. Some old espresso cups I don’t use. Saucers. Tea lights. And SHELLS! All inside an old tray I don’t use. Now, it’s something I really like and will use for candles during the holidays.

tray 2.jpg

What do you think?

Shell art is definitely NOT over. 🙂 It’s just starting for me.

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