The Shining

You may not know, I love Stanley Kubrick films. 2001: A Space Odyssey. A Clockwork Orange. Dr. Strangelove. Full Metal Jacket. I’m even planning to devote an afternoon to Barry Lyndon. I have it on DVD, haven’t seen the whole thing yet.

One of my favorites is The Shining. I also watched the documentary Room 237 on Netflix. It is detailed fan theories of the meaning behind this complex film.

I’ve seen The Shining several times and I never get tired of it. During the quiet parts, my family and I (yes, even my 14 yo watches it, ’cause she’s cool) crack jokes at the absurd moments of acting. Such as, Jack is asleep at the writing table and starts to have a graphic, violent dream and is moaning in his sleep. After seeing the movie several times, you can’t help but find this funny upon the third viewing.

It’s supposed to be disturbing. And it is. The first few times. But if your husband makes these same noises in his sleep IRL? It’s funny.

Plus, seeing the doc about The Shining gives you awesome little Easter eggs to hunt for.

Anyone a Kubrick fan?

I wasn’t when I was in my teens, but after seeing 2001 as an adult, I really started to dig SK and was often moved by his themes. I feel The Shining was perhaps his most complex and symbolic film. The Native American aspect of the movie was deeply provoking for me. What do you think, SK fans? What’s your favorite of his?

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