Fragility of Choice

Beautiful weakness.

Question: If God created us, why didn’t he make us stronger, better, less susceptible to weakness and evil?

Answer (in the form of a question lol): If we can’t be tempted, how can we choose? If everything is easy, is that really a choice?

I think it’s beautiful to be weak. To struggle. To choose good, even though it’s hard. To fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12). Even to fall. Because there is grace.

Question: If God created us, why did He have to save us?

Answer (maybe): God gave us a choice so that we may love Him freely and honor Him of our own choosing. Come to Him with freedom. Love Him because we want to. He knew that to give us choice, He would have to make us fragile. Capable of falling. But He gave us Christ because:
1. He loved us
2. He knew we would need help

So. We can stand on Christ alone if we fall. That’s gorgeous.

We are fragile. We are weak. We are beautiful.
We are wonderfully and fearfully made.
We are free. We are loved. We are saved.

Thoughts? Opinions? Insight?

4 thoughts on “Fragility of Choice

  1. I have often asked myself these questions. And I’ll admit I walk the fine line of belief and doubt. Somedays I get swayed one way… and it’s hard especially when it seems as if nothing is going right. But no matter what I still pray before I drive and pray when I’m in a bad spot. God seems to answer when you need it. I guess the rest of the time he’s preparing you to answer it yourself if that makes sense

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    1. Prayer is powerful! What if God, the rest of the time, is waiting for us to give up control? πŸ™‚ I often cannot or will not or simply forget to ask for help. And when I finally do, He helps me. Also, sometimes, it’s about timing. I waited for months for this job that I have now (best job!) praying all the while. And I had to wait 3 months. A drop in the bucket compared to eternity. But you may be right, He might be preparing us to really appreciate what it is that we think we really want and get after it.

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