YuleTIDE: A Very Beachy Christmas

We found this when we arrived at the beach yesterday! Love it.

beach christmas.jpg

Some vacationers must have found this washed up drift wood and fashioned this temporary art. So funny! Love the shell ornaments. It’s even got pine cones! LOL

No presents under the tree though. This beach offering is present enough, I say! What a great Christmas Labor Day on the coast.

This is what Florida Xmas looks like, I guess! LOL

6 thoughts on “YuleTIDE: A Very Beachy Christmas

    1. It was such a surprise! I wanted to meet the artist(s), I knew I’d found my people! lol thanks!! never know what the tide will bring. 🙂 i forget what they call it, but there are artists who only do temporary sculptures out of rocks and wood in streams and other places. it’s very cool. i know this was probably just kids or something, but they are temp artists in the making. glad i had my camera to snap a pic.

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      1. I’m so glad you made a happy memory! I’m usually not this lucky – I almost never take my camera with me and magical moments are stuck in memory alone. It’d make a wonderful story if you’d found out who did it, but that being a mystery also has a certain allure to it. Allows one to assume whatever they like!

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      2. agreed! sometimes mystery is best! lol i always forget to take my camera everywhere! this time i was lucky. i think i would have ran back home for my Nikon if i saw this and didn’t have it with me. 😀

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