Crafty Beaver in Me

I’m doing more with my craft items as I have time. My husband is often annoyed at how much craft crap I have (hoarded/stashed). So I am forcing myself to do what I say I love. Why is that so hard?

I love this new necklace I made.

necklace2.jpgSomeone gave me the green flower glass pendant. It’s some type of pressed flower, or it might even be plastic, encased in clear resin. I think. It’s really cool whatever it is. The chain it came with didn’t last. Or I didn’t like it. Can’t remember now. I probably broke it. LOL

I just recently bought some twine (my favorite cord to use for boho necklaces) and I had some leftover beads from bargin-bin shopping of yesteryear. I had the beads on a different necklace, but my daughter was wearing said necklace and it came apart. (I think because she was fiddling with it. LOL Oh well! Just an excuse to make a new necklace, right?!)

Whatchu think?

That saucer to the right of the necklace is my antique china saucer that I love. I have the cup somewhere, but I haven’t unpacked it yet. 🙂 Just thought the green and pink were lovely shades to match my new necklace.

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