I’ve got many demons.

Food addiction. PTSD. Depression. Self-esteem issues. Trust issues. Pride. Over-blown sense of fairness. Fear of people. Fear of intimacy.

These are all residuals from abuse, triggers or coping mechanisms. Haunting ghosts. My demons were born of circumstance and pain. Called upon before the age of 5. Schooled in my weakness. Summoned as experts of how to tempt, specifically, me. These are the things that will cause me to stumble and hold me back from fulfilling my purpose and destiny.

I imagine each demon:
black, faceless, with their name written across their chest, written across my existence, swirling, whispering, flowing around my body.

Floating me down some river of negativity. Holding me under from God’s intention for my life. Drowning me in doubt.

Or will they drive me to my purpose? Will I kick and spit and fight until I fly?

To my demons: Yes. I will overcome you. And in doing so, fulfill prophecy and promise. You have no idea who you’re dealing with–God.

4 thoughts on “Exorcism

  1. My dear friend,

    All those shortcomings in us, one has more or less, are the tentacles of our own mind. It will already help a bit when you start to think positively, means: do not allow yourself to be captured by these demons and this happens when we give too much attention to them. So try to change your angle of view, put your attention to those things which have also a positive reflection to you. Like this for example: if you help others, in fact, it will help you, it is a help to you too. Whenever negative thoughts come up think of how people could be helped – when you focus your attention away from yourself automatically automatically also the direction changes, from I to you, from helping others to self-help.

    Thanks for sharing this important subject dear friend
    Have a sunny day, inside and outside


    1. I hate to disagree because I see what you’re saying. But I believe if demons are ignored, we can’t fight what we don’t face head on. That’s true for me anyway. But thank you for the advice. This was more of a poetic look at struggle. In a figurative way. But I wanted to end with the idea of fighting and winning. Hope that came across. I’m totally up for the struggle and conquering. But it’s a daily war for me. Writing is my self-care and self-love. I agree we should be positive, but we should also be real and honest. Just wanted to reach out for those who felt the same. Honesty to me is being real about what drags us down, say it out loud and then have dominion over it. Just shifting my focus to others doesn’t seem to help. Tried that. My chains are broken by saying things out loud and that seems to diminish their power. So this actually helps me. Writing about it. You have a great day too!

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      1. Thanks dear friend 🙂

        Ismt it so that those enemies are inside us and that we can overcome them too only inside, from inside to outside. I think everyone has to fight this war against our own mind and its “mental leading us here and there”. Maybe we should ask us when this or that has started, what was the reason for it – was it beauce of a long year habit that those entities in us could develop? Then we can try to go to the roots and try to weed it out from there. Indeed, it is easier done than said and requires a deep look into one’s own mind. I agree with youi that we have to be really honest with ourselves and others – and sorry, if you have felt my comment as inconvenient and in appropriate – I did not mean to critisize you. If you have felt so then please accept my apologize. In my own life for example I got to know people they have delt with some occult powers – in this connection Goethe said: “I called the spirits and now I cannot get rid of them anymore” – other people have delt with kundalini yoga and the like and got awful returns. It does not mean that you have delt with such things – but have a look in yourself from where it may have come – if you find the reason for it then you can stop it and also those demons will be more and more mute. Its not an easy way and dangerous too. Have my best wishes and I hope that you will be successful.

        Sorry one more time, dear friend.
        All the best

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