Just thought I would check in on the weight loss. I weigh 326.4 today. So that’s almost two pounds down from where I was. It’s been about a week. So that’s totally normal!

Feeling pretty good. My husband just got a job and started today! He looks handsome in his uniform.

I just found a job, too. I start training Monday. I’m going to be a car service driver. Yikes! I hope no one gets sick in my car. 🙂 I’m going to be working overnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I’m a little nervous, but it will help me continue with my blog and other creative endeavors. Gotta pay the bills on this little condo by the beach.

I’ll try anything at this point! Plus, this neck of the woods is pretty low on crime. I’ll figure it out. I think I will start carrying a stun gun or mace though. I’m allowed to turn down rides, so I think I’ll be safe.

Need a ride?? LOL

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